Sovereign Debt

Imagine Riding the Ceteris Pari-bus into the Sunset ... in Argentina


Imagine sovereign debt without Argentina -- no Paris Club, no pari passu, no CACs, no SDRM ... even sovereign immunity might look totally different.


Argentina’s [Insert Adjective Here] Debt Crisis


Mark Weidemaier & Mitu Gulati


Aurelius v. Puerto Rican Control Board (or "Do Activist Hedgies Add Value?")


This post draws considerably from research on Puerto Rico and its current constitutional status with Joseph Blocher (see here).


The Puzzling Pricing of Venezuelan Sovereign Bonds


by Mark Weidemaier & Mitu Gulati


Enough With the Old Chinese Debt Already


Mark Weidemaier and Mitu Gulati


Trump Wants to Buy Greenland for the U.S. – But Who Is the Relevant Seller?


(This post draws from my prior work with Joseph Blocher and the many conversations we have had about this topic over the years; he bears no responsibility for errors and sarcasm)