Citi consumer unit stumbles; SOFR surge could be a bad sign


The flagship division is on course to miss next year’s financial projections; Investors may be using SOFR swaps as a hedge against expected volatility.


BofA’s role in Bramson’s Barclays push; CFPB sees rise in elder fraud


Bank’s involvement and complex financing draw ire of Barclay shareholders; banks report financial deceit by those who know seniors.


Jury out on SOFR; Bowman advocates for community banks


The possible replacement for Libor's volatility raises concern about its viability; new Fed governor says community banks punished for crisis the did not cause.


Libor is going dark in 2021, and some banks aren’t ready


An effort to increase awareness of the transition to a new benchmark rate, and nudge banks to start preparing, is expected to intensify in 2019.


What’s keeping chief risk officers up at night


Heightened competition from nonbanks, the rise of populism and the uncertainty surrounding Libor’s demise are just some of the short- and long-term threats facing big banks, risk executives say.


Uneasy transition: Banks prepare for Libor’s demise


The London interbank offered rate will likely be replaced by a new reference rate that critics say is better suited for the derivatives market than it is for commercial lending.