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Update on Churches Filing Chapter 11 Bankruptcy


As parts of the country are counting ballots, I thought I'd post about counting church chapter 11 cases. The headlines about churches and other religious organizations filing chapter 11 still focus predominately -- almost exclusively -- on Catholic Diocese filings.


Now is not the time to freeze small-business lending


Credit is tightening to 2008 levels at a time when small businesses need help the most, former SBA chief Karen Gordon Mills says.


BlueVine expands into business checking


The challenger bank now offers small businesses checking, lending and payments services on one platform and can link them through Plaid to external bank accounts.


To end lending bias, banks need to use the right tech


Traditional lenders must embrace fintech underwriting tools that would help women- and monitory-owned businesses get loans they are too often denied.


Amex's recipe for small-business lending: Heavy on the Kabbage


With the COVID-19 pandemic creating unprecedented challenges for small businesses, American Express has increasingly targeted its investments in that niche.


Wells Fargo: How to reinvent a culture


Mary Mack, who heads Wells Fargo's consumer banking and small business division, talks about the challenges of reforming a bank's culture from the inside, the rise of women in the banking industry and reaching customers who need their services the most


A small-business ‘dream job’ at BofA


Bank of America's Managing Director for Small Business Sharon Miller led the company's involvement in the Paycheck Protection Program, which produced more than 343.000 loans, most in the country.


Eastern Bank idea leads to small-business money management app


Small and midsize banks would pay for access to the Monit app and offer it to small-business clients as an add-on service.


NCUA awards credit unions $3.7M in grants and loans for pandemic relief


More than 160 institutions will use the money to help members weather the coronavirus by offering new products and providing help with loan payments.


CFPB to release outline on small-business data rule


The bureau will detail how it will implement a Dodd-Frank Act provision requiring the agency to collect information on small-business lending in order to identify discrimination.