Small business lending

Killing CDFIs would make bad situation worse for small business


A Trump administration budget proposal to end federal funding for community development financial institutions would push small businesses to high-risk, high-cost lenders.


Bridging a finance gap for community banks, small businesses


Working primarily with community banks, Promontory Local Credit will provide second-lien loans to small firms, potentially increasing their available credit by 50%.


Lenders' favorite SBA success stories


With National Small Business Week set to kick off April 30, American Banker asked several community bankers to share stories of high-impact loans that made a difference in their communities and in their own enthusiasm for the work they do.


NSA hacks into SWIFT; Wells board faces the voters


Hacker group Shadow Brokers says U.S. intel agency compromised parts of the global banking system; bank's directors gear up for tough election at annual meeting.


SBA’s McMahon: We're well funded, but don't want to tap out


Linda McMahon told lawmakers the 7(a) program shouldn't run out of funds in fiscal 2017. Still, she wants permission to boost the program's funding authority by 15% if an unexpected spike in demand takes place.


The real-world impact of Dodd-Frank, stress tests and other regs


In his annual letter to shareholders, M&T Bank chief Robert Wilmers laid out in compelling detail how government policies intended to protect American families have ultimately stymied economic growth.


Key SBA program in danger of hitting legislative cap


Without congressional help, the 7(a) program could be forced to shut down for the second time in three years.


How banks use investment funds to spread CRA risk


Community banks, big commercial banks and Wall Street investment houses are finding common ground in small-business loan funds that help Main Street, minimize potential losses on credit extended to young companies and sometimes lead to new business prospects.


Can small-dollar business loans make a comeback?


Ann Marie Mehlum, who has joined a lending platform called SmartBiz Loans after stints as a community banker and an SBA official, says the combination of fintech and old-fashioned banking could bring back small-business loans under $100,000.


Competing with fintech on business loans isn’t rocket science


None of the initial steps banks can take to modernize business lending are cutting-edge innovation ideas, but they can still improve the borrowing experience, giving businesses fewer reasons to look elsewhere.