'It makes my head explode': Comments of the week


Readers react to Sen. Warren calling for banks to fund her Medicare plan, a proposal requiring big-bank CEOs to testify before Congress, federal regulators missing Trump-appointees on their board and more.


Warren won't let banks escape health care debate


If elected president, Sen. Elizabeth Warren would charge large banks a fee to help pay for her Medicare-for-all plan.


Does Amazon-Google-Microsoft hold on the cloud pose a risk to banking?


With financial institutions relying more and more on cloud computing services, Washington is increasingly focused on the concentration of industry data in the big three technology giants.


Fed proposes capital requirements for insurance units


The Fed is seeking feedback on a "Building Block Approach" to risk-based capital standards for firms heavily engaged in insurance activities.


Unfinished business: 8 reg-relief items on agencies' docket


The regulators have yet to complete rules on regional bank supervision, community bank capital and other provisions meant to ease institutions' burden.


Is there a better way to fight money laundering?


Banks submit millions of Bank Secrecy Act filings each year, yet only a fraction are valuable to law enforcement. Inside the effort to change that.


FDIC eases requirements on deposit tracking


The agency's board voted 3-1 on Tuesday to give large banks additional time to comply with new rules that force them to keep better track of insured deposits.


Libra takes a beating on Capitol Hill (again)


For the second straight day, concerns about Facebook's cryptocurrency project dominated lawmakers’ questioning of Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell.


FSOC’s proposals would promote financial stability, not undermine it


Focusing regulatory reforms on risk-based activities is a more effective approach to weeding out potential systemic threats.


FDIC to consolidate supervision and resolution activities for large banks


The FDIC's new complex institution supervision and resolution division will be operational July 21.