Sherrod Brown

2020 race pulls Warren away from Senate Banking


The panel has had 13 public meetings since the Massachusetts senator’s last appearance, in May.


Waters, Brown warn regulators not to weaken margin rules


Expanding exemptions for initial margin requirements on swaps transactions “would harm financial stability and U.S. taxpayers,” said the top Democrats on the House and Senate banking panels.


Crypto holds public promise and potential for danger: Senators


Two weeks after lawmakers grilled a Facebook exec over Libra, they acknowledged benefits from digital currency technology while warning of the risks.


Former CFPB official 'may have abused his authority': Inspector general


Eric Blankenstein, now at HUD, is under fire for asking a subordinate to defend him after it was revealed he wrote racially charged blogs 14 years earlier.


Despite outcry, Congress unlikely to block Facebook's crypto plan


Lawmakers from both parties strongly criticized Libra this week, but largely steered clear of proposals to stop it.


Facebook crypto exec meets congressional firing squad


Resistance to Libra on the Senate Banking Committee was bipartisan, and other takeaways from Tuesday’s hearing.


Facebook won’t launch crypto service until regulators satisfied, exec says


David Marcus, who oversees Facebook’s digital wallet, plans to tell Congress that the company will roll out Libra only after it has "received appropriate approvals.”


Will Libra force Congress to act on data protection?


Almost two years after the Equifax breach led to a congressional uproar but minimal policy change, the protracted fight to enact data security and privacy reform has a new bogeyman.


Libra takes a beating on Capitol Hill (again)


For the second straight day, concerns about Facebook's cryptocurrency project dominated lawmakers’ questioning of Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell.


Will Congress stop Facebook's Libra?


The rush to hold hearings in both the House and the Senate reflects broad skepticism across the political spectrum about the social network's plan to develop an alternative payment system.