Sexual harassment

FDIC lacks adequate sexual harassment prevention, reporting system: IG


Even though fewer cases are reported among the agency's employees compared to the government average, the watchdog said the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. should improve its anti-harassment training and other procedures.


Wells board members quit; BofA quizzing clients on virus


Elizabeth Duke and James Quigley step down from board; the bank is asking corporations to divulge their exposure and preparations as part of risk assessment.


Challenges to banks’ use of arbitration a sign of gender fights to come


Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase recently avoided shareholder votes tied to their use of arbitration clauses in sexual harassment cases. But socially conscious investors say the issue is likely to flare up again elsewhere and that banks would do well to address a wide range of gender equity matters head on.


Staley probed for ties to disgraced financier; Fed picks face Senate panel


Authorities looking into Barclays CEO’s dealings with Jeffrey Epstein; controversial pick Judy Shelton, critics charge, would jeopardize Fed independence.


Wells Fargo ends mandatory arbitration in sexual harassment cases


Wells is thought to be the first big U.S. bank to allow harassment victims to go to court instead of arbitration. An investment firm that advocates for progressive causes claimed credit for the policy change.


FHFA resolves dispute with employee over sexual harassment claim


Simone Grimes had alleged former FHFA Director Mel Watt made inappropriate advances toward her and she was paid less than the man who had previously held her position.


Rubin is removed as Florida banking commissioner by state's cabinet


State regulator Ron Rubin had been asked to resign in May over a sexual harassment complaint, but he attempted to fight the allegations.