BofA adapting consumer tech for use with corporate clients


Bank of America is applying a familiar arsenal — including APIs and its popular virtual assistant, Erica — to online business banking, cross-border payments and cash management in an effort to modernize those services.


Community banks get on board with bots


Robotic process automation is normally the province of large banks, but Extraco Banks in Texas and Carter Bank in Virginia are training bots to perform repetitive, mind-numbing tasks.


Banks ready new tech tools to tackle debt collection


KeyBank, Regions and others are using self-service portals, robotic processing automation and virtual assistants to digitize the collections process and make it more humane in anticipation of rising delinquencies.


How Rabobank turned employees into bot-creating ‘citizen coders’


Employees at first feared the process might eventually lead to the elimination of their jobs. Ultimately, however, the bots let employees focus on more important tasks, the bank says.


How BNY Mellon is going further on AI


The custody bank has deployed more than 300 bots and is using artificial intelligence throughout the organization.


Stress detector, employee sidekick, fraud fighter: AI's new uses


Credit decisions were a natural place to start with artificial intelligence, but now banks and credit unions are taking the technology to all parts of their businesses.


A virtual assistant for lenders' employees


Capacity, formerly Jane.ai, originally designed its chatbot to answer consumers' questions, but when employees started using it, that gave the startup an idea for a new business line.


Bank automation demand spurs IBM-fintech partnership


As robotic process automation expands into day-to-day lending operations, IBM is teaming up with UiPath, a startup that specializes in the new technology.


Synchrony minds HR as it develops AI


The bank and card program provider is starting to use AI in many areas, but it's also trying to build paths forward for employees whose jobs will be affected.