Community banks get on board with bots


Robotic process automation is normally the province of large banks, but Extraco Banks in Texas and Carter Bank in Virginia are training bots to perform repetitive, mind-numbing tasks.


How Rabobank turned employees into bot-creating ‘citizen coders’


Employees at first feared the process might eventually lead to the elimination of their jobs. Ultimately, however, the bots let employees focus on more important tasks, the bank says.


Robots to cut 200,000 U.S. bank jobs in next decade: Study


Technological efficiencies will result in the biggest reduction in headcount across the U.S. banking industry in its history, with an estimated 200,000 job cuts over the next decade, Wells Fargo said in a report.


BNY Mellon is all-in on digital


Some banks are setting up their own parallel digital banks, while others form innovation labs. Roman Regelman says BNY Mellon is transforming the entire institution.


How HSBC is spending its $17 billion tech budget


Jeremy Balkin, head of innovation at HSBC Bank USA, shares how the bank is investing in retail innovation, including a $350 million core system.


Lenders lobby against robocall ban; HSBC continues robot roll out


Banks and credit unions “push back” against an FCC proposal to limit calls; Miami gets the next assistant the bank says is not intended to replace humans.


JPMorgan commits $350M to job training programs


JPMorgan Chase said it wants to improve training for technology-related jobs and help community college programs. The five-year initiative is one of several the company has announced in recent years in the name of community development.


Goldman considers more surveillance; banks seek robotic experts


The bank would add to monitoring of employees outside the U.S. in response to the 1MDB scandal; financial firms seek help to automate more systems.


The robots at HSBC aren't bankers. Yet.


At 4 feet tall and with a child's voice, Pepper won't replace tellers, but it can help bank customers interested in applying for a credit card or having issues with an ATM.