Restaurant industry

BankUnited, Cadence feeling restaurants’ pain from pandemic


The lenders are bracing for spikes in delinquencies or defaults on loans to a sector heavily punished by social distancing measures.


How banks are helping customers withstand coronavirus shock


No-interest loans and overdraft forgiveness are among the lifelines banks are offering to consumers and small businesses whose livelihoods are being upended by the economic fallout.


Citizens to buy restaurant advisory shop in bid to boost fee income


The deal for Trinity Capital in Los Angeles would further strengthen the company's capital markets capabilities.


How delivery apps are upending restaurant lending


Reduced dine-in traffic is eating away at bottom lines, forcing eateries to rethink how they borrow money.


Food delivery apps to blame for stressed restaurant loans: BankUnited


As more consumers order in using such services as Uber Eats and Grubhub, restaurants are selling fewer desserts, drinks and other high-margin items, said CEO Rajinder Singh.


Regions Financial rethinking M&A after First Horizon-Iberiabank deal


If the no-premium agreement announced by First Horizon and Iberiabank this week is a sign that sellers’ asking prices will come down, then Regions might reconsider its anti-M&A stance, a company executive said.


Restaurant business is giving lenders indigestion


As a growing number of chains go bankrupt, loan charge-offs are rising.