Renaud Laplanche

Alternative lender rolls out contactless card amid pandemic


Upgrade's hybrid loan-card product can now be used without swiping as consumers and retail workers seek to minimize spread of novel coronavirus.


LendingClub founder's new firm launches card-loan hybrid product


Renaud Laplanche, one of the first fintech disruptors, is launching an unusual type of credit product at Upgrade, his new company, that is a cross between a credit card and an unsecured loan.


Renaud Laplanche’s redemption story is a bad omen for fintech


Despite being barred from the securities industry by the SEC, LendingClub’s founder has found plenty of people to back his latest venture — and that’s a problem.


Lending Club founder settles; banks fear weak third quarter


Laplanche agrees to a three-year securities industry ban and a small fine to settle SEC fraud charges on loan sales; analysts are expecting a "tepid" quarter as some trading activity suffers.


Former LendingClub CEO fined for misusing investor funds


Renaud Laplanche agreed to pay $200,000 and accept a ban from the securities industry to settle a long-running SEC probe. A LendingClub subsidiary and the firm's former CFO, Carrie Dolan, were also fined.


Renaud Laplanche's journey from scandal to second act


The LendingClub founder responded to being booted from his company by starting a new one with involvement from former investors — and a loan buyer he had supposedly wronged.


Renaud Laplanche’s comeback venture raises $62 million


Upgrade, a marketplace lender founded by Laplanche just a few months after he was ousted from LendingClub, has secured more than $100 million in equity capital and says it is poised to offer more consumer credit products.


Online lender touts new personal credit line as HELOC alternative


Upgrade's new product, unveiled Tuesday, is aimed at consumers who are expecting a big expense but may not need to borrow all the money at once. Unlike a home equity line of credit, the loan can be approved in minutes because there is no need for collateral or an appraisal process.


LendingClub originations rose 34% in Q3


The San Francisco-based lender still posted losses in its portfolio, although those declined considerably from the year-ago period.


How Laplanche's new venture differs from Lending Club


Upgrade, an online lender started by former Lending Club CEO Renaud Laplanche, will tout credit monitoring and education features to stand out in a crowded field.