State regulators look to streamline work for fintechs — and each other


One platform under development will let financial technology startups use a single portal to obtain licenses from multiple states, and another will let states collaborate on examinations.


A new kind of British invasion: Regtech hackathons


Tech sprints that bring regulators together with bank officials, data scientists and software companies originated in the U.K. and have crossed the pond into the U.S.


5 policy hurdles thwarting federal regulators’ fintech ambitions


An outside paper identifies the statutes, regulations and other bureaucratic realities complicating the banking agencies’ efforts to oversee and benefit from rapidly changing technology.


Banks best Big Tech on trust, but not much else


Silicon Valley giants are better innovators, software developers and data managers, but banks' inherent advantages shouldn't be discounted, says Sonny Singh, a senior vice president at Oracle.


Fighting terrorism while helping immigrants a tricky balancing act


The leader of a new Compliance and Payments Task Force dives into how it will address emerging issues of counterterrorism financing in the digital age.


OCC’s Otting on CRA timeline, Camels and fintech legal battles


The three federal bank regulators usually try to issue rules jointly, but Comptroller of the Currency Joseph Otting on Tuesday pointed to areas where the agencies may move on separate paths.


‘Wall Street’s ledger systems don’t keep honest track of who owns what’


Caitlin Long, member of the Wyoming Blockchain Task Force, explains why the state has enacted 13 blockchain laws and what they mean for fintechs and banks.


The fight against financial crime has just begun


Regulators globally are using "tech sprints" to test new anti-money-laundering solutions. More can be done, but it's a good start.


Libra shows banks can do more, says Singapore's top central banker


Ravi Menon says that Facebook's bid to create its own digital currency has laid bare shortcomings in cross-border payments and financial inclusion that banks and regulators must address.


The banks warming to AI-based lending


At TCF National Bank in Detroit and First National Bank of Omaha, early results from artificial intelligence pilot programs are strong.