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Year's 2nd-biggest merger, bank failures, small-bank layoffs: Top stories of the week


First Horizon, Iberiabank in year's second-biggest bank merger; bank failure in New Jersey is nation's third in a week; smaller banks take a turn swinging the ax; and more from this week's most-read stories.


Regions Financial rethinking M&A after First Horizon-Iberiabank deal


If the no-premium agreement announced by First Horizon and Iberiabank this week is a sign that sellers’ asking prices will come down, then Regions might reconsider its anti-M&A stance, a company executive said.


You don’t need to play golf to be a good networker


Women need to take charge of their own networking events.


'May the odds be ever in your favor': Comments of the week


Readers react to Regions Financial's plan to replace it core deposit system, a House bill meant to curb jobs moved overseas, a resurgence of consumer complaints against the credit bureaus and more.


Regions set to replace core deposit system


The company says the upgrade will support future digital investments. It also said Tuesday that third-quarter profits climbed 8% but reported a sharp increase in criticized business loans.


Could Fed rate cut be undermining business confidence?


It hasn't stimulated loan demand in ways banks hoped it might, and some CEOs fear future rate cuts might cause companies to hunker down.


Regions' big investment in digital is paying off


The Alabama bank, which is spending hundreds of millions on technology, says the ability to make faster credit decisions is one reason digital metrics such as checking account openings are soaring.


Regional banks use hedging tactics to combat rate cuts


KeyCorp, Regions Financial and others have sacrificed short-term profits to avoid being crushed by an anticipated decline in interest rates.


Regions leery of expected Fed rate cut


The Birmingham, Ala., company warned in its earnings call that moves by the central bank could make it harder to lower costs.


Banks take a pass on rollback of overdraft rule


The CFPB asked whether 10-year-old consumer protections against overdrafts are onerous or unfair, especially to smaller financial institutions, but banking industry officials largely said any changes could invite new problems.