More coronavirus challenges for banks; RBS delays


Bankers express confidence despite coronavirus concerns, while consumers ponder cash needs; U.K. will hold off unloading its 62% stake in bank.


Pressure grows on Barclays CEO; JPM tightens rules on working with fintechs


For the second time in four years regulators are investigating Jes Staley; fintechs have until July 30 to sign agreements on how they access customer data.


Fed terminates enforcement actions against four large banks


The three cease and desist orders and one written agreement had cited separate concerns at JPMorgan Chase, Discover, Deutsche Bank and RBS.


Fed, OCC to propose easing Volcker rule; Visa's fintech interest


The regulators plan to drop the 3% limit on bank investments in venture capital funds; Visa invests in another fintech startup.


JPM wins a place in China; banks again warned about replacing Libor


The bank is the first U.S. one approved for a majority-owned securities unit in China; the FSB said banks must get serious about replacing the benchmark.


Bank of England raises capital buffer for largest lenders


The central bank gave the seven banks passing grades on their stress tests but said that they will need to start holding more high-quality capital to guard against a potential economic downturn.


RBS taps Alison Rose as CEO, first woman to run U.K. lender


Royal Bank of Scotland promoted Alison Rose to chief executive officer, making her the first woman to run one of Britain's big four lenders.