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Zuckerberg fails to assuage lawmakers on Libra


As Congress continues to seek answers about the proposed ccryptocurrency, the appearance by Facebook’s CEO cast further doubt on the project’s future.


PayPal exit from Facebook project shows power of D.C.’s disapproval


The payments company’s departure from the association leading Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency plan is the clearest sign that skeptical policymakers are the plan's biggest obstacle.


How BBVA picks its fintech partners


Susan French, head of product at BBVA Open Platform, discussed the bank's vetting of fintech partners and how it deals with the competitive threat that their products present.


GOP senators skeptical of Fed's faster payments network


One Republican lawmaker went so far as to suggest that Congress should try to block the central bank's effort, but Democrats said FedNow will promote competition in real-time payments.


Kabbage founders launch startup to connect small businesses with gig workers


The startup, Drum, provides a marketplace for small businesses to offer promotions to influencers who can help them drum up business.1:54 PM?