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As benefit payments went digital, banks had to improve cash access


Most agencies use electronic benefit transfer to deliver funds to prepaid cards, but recipients who need access to cash are often caught in a bind, with fewer convenient or free ATMs available in an increasingly digital payments landscape.


Equifax fine punches a hole in data security culture


The timing of the settlement serves as a warning to other companies of the risks they face in an increasingly data-focused economy.


Trump plows into Libra debate as politicians face crytpo learning curve


As Congress and the SEC were taking steps to regulate alternative currencies, they required a deep knowledge of the cryptocurrency market and technologies. For those who put off their crypto education, Facebook's Libra is a wake-up call.


Facebook's Libra will force a reckoning on crypto, privacy law


In the eyes of regulators, Facebook and bitcoin have a lot in common. Both challenge citizens' relationship to privacy, and both use technology in ways that current laws were unprepared for.


Facebook's Libra turns foes into allies in regulatory face-off


Facebook is focusing the initial discussions around its cryptocurrency project as a preemptive strike against the privacy and legal concerns the public and politicians have about the huge social network.


Why Uber, Grab are taking bigger steps into fintech


The ride-sharing heavyweights Uber and Grab built their markets by making payments seamless, and their expansion plans are similarly hooked into improving payments and other financial services.


How Amazon and Synchrony are reinventing secured credit cards


Targeting consumers with poor or thin credit, Amazon is offering a secured card with rewards on par with those offered to mainstream cardholders.