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BBVA and Prosper partner to offer digital home equity lines


The two companies first started collaborating last year, but now BBVA has white-labeled Prosper’s technology on its own website.


Online lenders seek to balance the needs of borrowers, investors


While LendingClub, Prosper, Avant and SoFi are giving existing borrowers breaks in the short term, they're considering tightening credit as the coronavirus outbreak threatens to drag the economy into a recession.


Fintech lenders tighten standards, become more like banks


Easy credit has given way to cautiousness, with financial technology upstarts now seeking households with higher incomes, above-average credit scores and less debt relative to their wages.


BBVA, Prosper partner on digital home equity lines of credit


Prosper hopes to do for lines of credit what it did for unsecured personal loans, while BBVA hopes to provide a better experience for customers.


Online lender Marlette reports profit, then takes jabs at the competition


As the consumer lender announced its seventh consecutive profitable quarter, its CEO bragged that his company is better positioned than the likes of Goldman Sachs and LendingClub.


Prosper branches out, shifts strategy as it launches second product


The online lender will roll out its first new product in 12 years, a home equity line of credit. But it's taking a different approach than with its original offering.


Personal loans surge to a record high


LendingClub, Prosper, SoFi and other fintechs are driving the expansion, according to new data from TransUnion.


Online lenders tighten rules as default wave rattles investors


It's gotten a lot harder to borrow money from the raft of fintech firms looking to bring online lending into the mainstream.


Prosper's earnings suffer from cost of deal that bolstered funding


The San Francisco-based online lender reported a net loss of $115 million for 2017, more than half of which was connected to warrants issued in a deal that stabilized the struggling firm.


Not-so-friendly competition: Discover CEO bashes online lenders


David Nelms said that many digital lenders do not understand how to underwrite personal loans properly, and he took a dig at their lack of profitability. The upstarts say their industry's ability to attract capital speaks for itself.