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Filing Proof Of Claim For Time Barred Debt Violates FDCPA, Says Eleventh Circuit, But They Leave An Escape Hatch.


fdcpa1In the last couple of years, claims against creditors for alleged violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) have become a hot item in Bankruptcy Courts.  One such question is whether the filing of a pr


DE Bankruptcy Court Denies Canadian Employees’ Motion to File Late Proof of Claim in Nortel


In the case of In re Nortel Networks, Inc. et al., Case No. 09-10138 (KG) (Del. Bankr. Ct. May 21, 2015), Judge Gross considered a motion filed by the “Ad Hoc Committee of Canadian Employees Terminated Pre-Petition” seeking leave to file proofs of claim after the expiration of the Bar Date applicable to Nortel’s U.S. Debtors.



Why Creditors Can’t Afford To Ignore Objections To Bankruptcy Claims



It’s been several years since I last posted about objections to bankruptcy claims, and the topic is so important to creditors that it’s time to revisit it.


Official Bankruptcy Forms Revised To Reflect April 1, 2013 Dollar Amount Adjustments


As discussed in an earlier post called "Going Up: Bankruptcy Dollar Amounts Will Increase On April 1, 2013," various dollar amounts in the Bankruptcy Code and related statutory provisions were increased for cases filed on or after today, April 1, 2013. Now several official bankruptcy forms have been revised to reflect these new dollar amounts.


When Will a Bankruptcy Court Allow a Late-Filed Claim?


Federal Rule of Bankruptcy Procedure 3003(c)(3) provides that "the [bankruptcy] court shall fix and for cause shown may extend the time within which proofs of claim or interest may be filed."  For various reasons, creditors sometimes miss the claims "bar date" and need to seek permission from the court to file a late filed claim or deem the late-filed claim allowed.  In order to succeed, the creditor must convince the court that the late claim was the result of excusable neglect.  In re Garden Ridge Corp., 348 B.R. 642, 645 (Bankr. D. Del.