Predictive analytics

A new kind of British invasion: Regtech hackathons


Tech sprints that bring regulators together with bank officials, data scientists and software companies originated in the U.K. and have crossed the pond into the U.S.


Digital transformation doesn't have to disrupt customer experience


It can be a painful process for a bank to go digital, but there are ways to ease the transition.


Machine learning’s promises, pitfalls


Testing shows an overreliance on machine learning data can unfairly harm credit scores.


A tech solution to the pot banking problem


New data analytics could help provide more comfort to banks in doing business with the cannabis industry, despite restrictive federal laws.


AI becoming part of TD Bank’s DNA


The bank has been deploying artificial intelligence in every business line, conducting research to find out what consumers think about the technology, and holding a roundtable with experts to define "responsible" AI.


Throw your old data analytics out the window


Changes in consumer behavior patterns will force banks to reassess the information they use to attract customers.


Software firms MX, Personetics to meld clean data, AI-based analytics


The companies have teamed up on a product to help banks, especially small ones, give customers more accurate insights into their own financial health.


How some banks, fintechs are tackling the tech-talent shortage


Bank of America, MX and Carolina Fintech Hub are training refugees and nontechies to become developers while at the same time showing corporate citizenship.


Synchrony minds HR as it develops AI


The bank and card program provider is starting to use AI in many areas, but it's also trying to build paths forward for employees whose jobs will be affected.


TD still years away from full AI integration, CEO says


A year after buying the artificial intelligence fintech Layer 6, TD Bank is "rewiring how the organization has worked," Gregory Braca says.