PNC Bank

Why looks matter for 'top of wallet' credit cards


Whether it is the Chase Sapphire Reserve metal card, the American Express Clear Card or a PNC card with an orange core, the message is the same — design is a big part of making a top-of-wallet card.


Rate hike, stock market surge push PNC's profit higher


Net income climbed 13% as as the Fed's hike improved loan yields and the stock market’s surge boosted returns from PNC’s stake in BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager.


Refi boom is over, but home equity demand could pick up slack


With home values — and interest rates — rising, homeowners finally seem ready to tap into their homes' equity to fund long-delayed home-improvement projects.


Have the big banks finally cracked the code on P-to-P payments?


The upcoming launch of Zelle gives Chase, B of A, Wells Fargo and other large banks an opportunity to correct their past mistakes.