How the pandemic redefined Truist's philanthropic priorities


The company's foundation, whose mission had been carefully planned by BB&T and SunTrust before their merger, opened just nine days before the novel coronavirus was declared a pandemic. Here’s what happened next.


Here’s where Wells Fargo is donating its $400M in PPP fees


The company has established a fund that will provide capital, technical assistance and long-term recovery support to small businesses, especially minority-owned companies. The other megabanks are expected to donate their fees, also.


9 ways financial organizations are aiding battle against coronavirus


Funneling fees from emergency loans to feed the hungry. Supporting psychological counseling for health care heroes and financial advice for the poor. Backing retrofits of customer operations to produce protective gear for front-line medical personnel. Bankers and financial educators have tossed out the traditional playbook to help clients and communities in crisis.


Citi tries new tack to push its social agenda: Venture investing


Ed Skyler, the bank's global head of public affairs, says a newly established $150 million fund will make equity investments in firms seen as having a positive impact on society.


JPMorgan donates $25M to get fintech in hands of underbanked


It is the bank’s second big gift to the nonprofit Financial Health Network in recent years, with this one earmarked for a financial solutions lab.


SunTrust, BB&T plan parting gifts to their hometowns


The merging banks, whose new headquarters would be Charlotte, N.C., will each double their charitable giving over the next three years in Atlanta and Winston-Salem, N.C.


Wells Fargo tilts philanthropic focus to affordable housing


The bank has hired Brandee McHale away from Citigroup to head its charitable foundation and implement a new strategy that will place a greater emphasis on rental housing and combating homelessness.


JPMorgan Chase to give $125M to global financial health programs


The total includes donations to community groups helping low-income people, support for the development of financial coaching programs and investment in the creation and testing of fintech tools that can help underserved people.


BofA pledges additional $50 million to Tory Burch's program for women


The bank will fund community development financial institutions that lend to women-owned businesses backed by the fashion designer's foundation.


The community outreach tool that might be creating future bankers


Scholarship programs for high schoolers and college students can also promote banking as a viable career option and serve as a channel for bringing in new business.