Personally identifiable information

'Bubbles and busts are sometimes good'


Vinny Lingham, founder and CEO of Civic, discusses the froth in cryptocurrency markets, the mania for "initial coin offerings," the right way to do token sales, the future of digital identity and the banking system's security failings.


Deutsche Bank driving digital identity platform in Germany


The German bank announced a project designed to create a single online registration for users across a number of industries.


Credit unions look to blockchain to solve digital identity crisis


Sovrin, a new blockchain for the creation and management of digital identities, may help credit unions save money and fight fraud while returning power to individuals.


Why a clear answer to the data-sharing debate remains elusive


Screen scraping has plenty of critics, but the alternatives, OAuth and APIs, have their share of detractors, too.


When you're under cyberattack, silence isn't golden


Quickly keeping customers informed about an attack is among the principles banks must adopt to mitigate the fallout.