Payroll payments

Clair teams with Mastercard to expand earned wage access


Mastercard and MetaBank are helping the earned wage access provider Clair overhaul its technology platform and service offering.


BNY Mellon’s early adoption of real-time payments paying dividends


The bank was one of the first users of The Clearing House's RTP network. Andrew Haskell explains how faster payments are helping the bank and its clients.


California may point the way forward on payroll advances


A proposal to define wages-on-demand would protect consumers and serve as an example for others.


Call for faster paychecks overlooks key facts


The Fed's development of a real-time payments systems has sparked a pointless debate about paper checks.


'A wolf in sheep's clothing': Comments of the week


Readers react to states investigating payroll advance companies and the GOP's weak response to cannabis banking, heed a warning that nonbanks are prepared for CECL and more.


Will banks take 'self-driving' payroll for a spin?


On-demand wage delivery has caught on in other industries. Banks have taken notice.


Tech vendor fixes problem that held up prepaid cardholders' paychecks


Customer furor stemmed from troubles FIS had processing payments for MetaBank, the issuer of Netspend and other prepaid debit cards.


Have the big banks finally cracked the code on P-to-P payments?


The upcoming launch of Zelle gives Chase, B of A, Wells Fargo and other large banks an opportunity to correct their past mistakes.