Bank stocks slump on Fed forecast; Quicken going public


Financials drop 8.2% on prediction of low rates through 2022 and dim economic outlook; the largest mortgage originator and a top challenger to traditional lenders has filed what may end up being the year's largest initial public offering.


Fintechs OK'd to make emergency small-business loans


PayPal, Intuit QuickBooks Capital and Square Capital have been named direct lenders in the Paycheck Protection Program, and more await the OK. They could be crucial to reaching the smallest firms trying to survive the economic toll of the coronavirus pandemic.


Fintechs getting a boost from coronavirus outbreak


COVID-19 is bringing business to PayPal, Blend, Symphony and others as homebound consumers and commercial clients seek more electronic services. But demand could cool if the economy slows further.


Speed matters during a crisis. Here's how tech can help.


Online platforms and apps can be utilized to quickly support small businesses and consumers facing unexpected financial hardship.


Ex-PayPal CEO Bill Harris launches neobank for struggling households


The serial entrepreneur has created a challenger bank called One for middle-income people with complicated financial lives.


PayPal’s crackdown on human trafficking


The payments company is working with nonprofit organizations, law enforcement authorities, victims and others to make it harder for the criminals behind the modern slave trade to move money.


Why PayPal is suing the CFPB over its prepaid card rules


PayPal — which is rarely thought of as a prepaid card company — has filed a lawsuit against the CFPB over its rules on prepaid accounts, underscoring the rapid changes in digital financial services and PayPal’s own expanding financial services ambitions in recent years.


Challenger bank tailors rates to encourage savings


HMBradley will assign interest rates according to how much customers set aside from direct deposits each month.


Is Big Tech’s ‘for the people’ rhetoric legit?


Large tech companies have been driving home the message that they can help the many Americans who struggle financially. But there are good reasons to be skeptical of their intentions.


Zuckerberg makes his case to Congress; GAO opinion could help banks


Facebook CEO says the company won’t purse Libra anywhere if U.S. regulators disapprove; the agency says “guidance” was actually “rules.”