Online payments

Capital One restricts third-party data access, upsets customers


Capital One Financial Corp. is limiting how account data flows to outside apps for managing finances, prompting a backlash from the bank’s customers who say they have been locked out of their own information.


Bank dereg bill just the start; pushing retailers’ button


President plans to ease regulatory burden on the largest banks; online merchants say a Visa-Mastercard button blocks cheaper payment methods.


Reality check: Will crypto firms score a banking charter?


At least two cryptocurrency companies, Coinbase and ivyKoin, have talked to federal regulators about obtaining a bank license, but there is skepticism that it will happen. Here's why.


What a homegrown app for millennials has taught Wells Fargo


The bank found that mixing personal finance management with positive reinforcement allowed them to appeal to younger customers.


The pain points of digital bill pay


Though financial institutions with online bill payment services still command the largest share of the bill payment market, it’s a category with many friction points ripe for disruption.


Amazon and JPM: It's not about banking, it's about payments


As with most of the company's inventions, an Amazon checking account would more deeply embed customers into an Amazon ecosystem that provides an endless flow of data and efficiencies.


The biggest fintechs in the market


SoFi's experience shows that the biggest names in fintech, while generating massive financial support, still operate in a very volatile world.


Rethinking bill pay when there isn’t a bill


Providing the default card in digital subscription services is one way banks can win back bill-pay business, save customers time and help them manage their data.


Ant's MoneyGram deal dies under Trump's regulatory posture


After a year of trying to appease U.S. regulators, Ant Financial and MoneyGram have terminated their merger agreement, challenging the Chinese company's strategy for global expansion.


JPMorgan buying WePay, shifting fintech investment into high gear


JPMorgan Chase has made several investments in financial technology startups, but its plan to buy WePay will give its 4 million small-business clients a much more direct way to adopt digital payments.