Office of Financial Research

How a Volcker Rule rewrite could backfire


Critics of the Dodd-Frank provision are likely heartened by indications that policymakers may soon finalize a more bank-friendly version of the trading ban, but that relief could come at a price.


Hill aide named to run Dodd-Frank research agency


The White House announcement of Dino Falaschetti as the choice to run the Office of Financial Research comes amid signs that the administration has attempted to reduce the agency's independence.


Pink slips coming for big chunk of Dodd-Frank agency staff


More than one-third of the Office of Financial Research’s staff could soon be laid off, but the agency seems to lack the political clout needed to block the move.


Dodd-Frank is here to stay


The banking industry braced for big changes with the election of President Trump, but the financial reform law has proven its staying power over the past year.


Will Treasury target data agency's independence?


The Trump administration has previously signaled that it wants to bring the Office of Financial Research under its control. Now it may have the opportunity to do so.


Treasury office accused of deceiving congressional auditors


A whistleblower charges that during the Obama administration, Treasury's Office of Financial Research manipulated information that it provided during a review by the Governmental Accountability Office.


There's a better way to identify SIFIs than size: Office of Financial Research


The Dodd-Frank Act’s $50 billion threshold for determining which banks are systemically important should be scrapped and replaced with an indicator test, according to the Office of Financial Research.