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An online-only bank's bold plan for small-business lending


First Internet is poised to acquire an SBA lending team to help it meet an ambitious loan target for the year — a target the CEO plans on doubling in coming years.


Accept cash, credit card or mobile payment? Government wants a say


State and local officials have pushed back against retailers that don’t take cash, and now some are pressuring electric vehicle firms to expand payment options at charging stations.


Columbia Financial to buy philanthropy-focused bank in N.J.


Columbia plans to incorporate certain aspects of Stewardship Financial's charitable giving into its own foundation.


Peapack-Gladstone's leap of faith in investment banking


The New Jersey bank is entering a business dominated by larger players. In doing so, it could create a blueprint for other small banks.


ConnectOne makes bold digital play with deal for online loan exchange


The New Jersey company agreed to buy BoeFly, which connects franchisors, small businesses, lenders and loan brokers.


Richard Urfer, capital markets trailblazer at three big banks, dies at 82


Urfer co-founded a business with the banking automation pioneer John Diebold, worked for Chase Manhattan and other major banks, and played an important role in the Nixon administration, phasing out exchange controls.


First Bank in N.J. to buy bank based just miles away


First Bank is removing a competitor by agreeing to acquire Grand Bank for $19 million.


M&A on back burner as Valley chief focuses on fintech partnerships


Valley Bank spent millions on bank acquisitions under its previous CEO. Its new leader has taken a markedly different approach.


OceanFirst delays annual report after discovering IT-related weakness


The New Jersey company said the issue, tied to insufficient validation procedures, did not lead to misstated financial results.


The states at the forefront of consumer privacy legislation


California and others have passed consumer privacy laws, and lawmakers in Congress are beginning to address the issue.