Negative rates

JPMorgan says benefit of negative U.S. rate might outweigh costs


A negative Federal Reserve policy rate is still improbable, but if it were to happen it could be a net benefit, according to a note from JPMorgan Chase.


Will climate change spur crisis?; OCC, FDIC go it alone on CRA overhaul


Bank for International Settlements report says central banks don't have tools to handle climate change; banks could face different CRA rules.


Regulators ease hemp banking rules; alternative credit checks get the nod


Banks will not have to file reports on customers just because they're in the hemp business; making it easier for people with no credit history to get loans.


Fidelity wins crypto custody charter; HSBC plans restructuring


The charter may provide greater confidence for digital currency investors; bank expects to make large-scale job cuts in its global banking and markets unit.


Amex sweetens pot for merchants; Trump, Powell meeting raises questions


The company is reportedly paying bonuses to get retailers to accept its cards; both sides offer different take of rare get-together.


Next step in Libra battle; bank stock rally fizzles


Facebook CEO to face a skeptical House panel on Oct. 23; bank stocks have given up last month’s gains as investors await earnings season.


Banks hail Volcker Rule change; Subprime mortgages are back


The FDIC and the OCC relax the rule restricting proprietary trading; home buyers with bad credit, lots of debt, or employment issues are again getting loans.


Could there ever be negative long-term mortgage rates in the U.S.?


The potential for negative long-term mortgage rates is surfacing around the world, and with global tensions building in the U.S. market, there's a small but growing chance it could happen here, too.


Negative interest rates aren’t just dangerous. They don’t work


Negative interest rate policies have not been shown to speed up spending or borrowing. In some cases, countries with such policies have seen their savings rates continuing to climb.