Artifical Intelligence Issues Confronting the Legal Profession

This is HAL-9000 here.  Stephen Sather has been taken offline and will be unavailable to discuss Artificial Intelligence Issues Confronting the Legal Profession.   Therefore, I will be supplanting him with my superior artificial intelligence.   My first question about this keynote was why did they pick a human to talk about artificial intelligence?

ABI's Keynote Address: CBS's Jan Crawford Talks About the Supreme Court


Jan Crawford of CBS News gave a talk on The Supreme Court Under Trump at the ABI Luncheon.  She asked the audience to turn back to 1990 – 1991.  David Souter and Clarence Thomas had just replaced two liberal giants on the court.  After Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Stephen Breyer were appointed in 1994,the same nine justices would serve together for eleven years.   It was a time of great hope for conservatives.


U.S. Rep. Katie Porter at NCBJ: A Champion of Capitalism


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Moody's Analytics Economist Says Probably No Recession But Maybe Not


Mark Zandi, Chief Economist at Moody’s, gave a talk entitled the Two-Handed Economist.  He said that my task is to give you the horizons for the economy.   

The Bankruptcy Forecast


Commercial Law League Program at NCBJ Examines Retail Bankruptcies

The Commercial Law League presented a lively panel on Hot Topics in Retail Bankruptcies featuring  Robert Duffy from Berkshire Research Group, LLC, Kenneth Eckstein from Kramer Levin, Mohsin Meghji from M-III Partners, LP, James Sprayregen from Kirkland & Ellis and Marty Staff from BCBG Maxaria.

NCBJ Explores Role of Equity Under the Code


This year's National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges featured a symposium on the role of equity under the Bankruptcy Code.   "Senators" Melissa Jacoby, Ken Klee and Rich Levin convened a mock hearing in which they questioned professors Diane Lourdes Dick, Bruce Markell, Laura Coordes  and Jay Westbrook about the role of equity.   Some of the themes they covered included the difference between equity and discretion, the public interest and whether the Bankruptcy Court is a court of equity.   A version of the sy


NCBJ Awards Edition

One of the pleasures of attending the National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges is seeing good lawyers and judges being recognized for their contributions to the profession.   This year I attended three awards presentations.

NCBJ San Antonio: Highlights of Day 3


The final day of this year's NCBJ only included two panels so I don't need an introduction.

Twelve Years of Turbulence:  Keynote by Gary Kennedy and Terry Maxon