State-chartered credit unions make gains despite pandemic


Federal credit unions still account for more than 60% of active institutions, but their share of total assets continues to shrink.


Industry groups call on NCUA to refine virtual examination process


With on-site supervision off the table indefinitely, various credit union trade associations have suggested how NCUA could improve remote exams, including issues related to exam timelines and cybersecurity.


NCUA's capital proposal could irk banks and credit unions alike


The National Credit Union Administration plans to unveil new capital proposals on Thursday. It's a given that bankers won't like them, but credit unions could also find themselves disappointed.


Credit unions get reprieve (again) on capital rule. Bankers jeer


The NCUA proposed Thursday to put off until 2022 implementation of a rule that would require larger credit unions to hold more risk-based capital.


Amid battle with bankers, NCUA doubles down on FOM reform


The National Credit Union Administration is set to vote on revisions to its field-of-membership rule, even as it's entangled in a legal dispute with the American Bankers Association over the rule.