Lenders in the construction market hold their breath as economy reopens


The availability of some loans used to build homes dried up due to the coronavirus. Opening up the economy may help if it doesn't lead to a spike in infections, and if consumer demand persists.


Let’s get housing reform right this time


As lawmakers tackle Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, any revamp must lessen risk to the mortgage system and U.S. taxpayers.


Housing execs to Congress: Multifamily projects strained by rules


As the demand for home rentals continues to rise, regulatory burdens could decrease the multifamily housing supply and drive up costs, witnesses said at a congressional hearing.


For housing market, tax reform is a wrench in the works


The recently enacted tax reform bill is likely to encourage more consumers to rent instead of buy and tamp down on the rapid rise in home prices.


Housing groups pan GOP swipe at mortgage deduction


Hopes that tax reform might soften a weakening of the mortgage interest deduction were quickly dashed as the GOP plan landed a double punch on the incentive cherished by the mortgage and housing industries.


Mortgage deduction alternative emerges in tax reform talks


Some housing groups are warming to an idea that they say could help more Americans benefit from housing-related subsidies than the mortgage interest deduction.


House approves disaster relief bill without contentious construction ban


While the House disaster relief bill would provide $16 billion in debt relief for the National Flood Insurance Program, it does not include a Trump administration proposal to ban new construction in flood-prone areas.


Home Builders soften stance on mortgage interest deduction


The National Association of Home Builders is backing off of long held support for the mortgage interest deduction in hopes that the Trump administration can deliver on its promise of lower taxes.


Flood insurance reform deal adds momentum to House bill


House Financial Services Committee leaders and two top real estate trade groups have cut a deal on a bill to reform the National Flood Insurance Program.


Housing groups take aim at flood insurance bills


The National Association of Home Builders is objecting to a measure that would impose a surcharge on National Flood Insurance Program policies for newly constructed homes.