Why multifamily loans remain resilient in New York


Lenders pushed back against the notion that city dwellers' pandemic-driven flight to suburbia would hurt them. They say fewer landlords have sought deferrals as vacancy rates remain low and rent collections have stabilized.


Multifamily borrowers in forbearance cannot evict tenants, FHFA says


The agency said property owners can enter into new or modified forbearance plans if they have a hardship due to the coronavirus, but the landlords must agree not to kick out renters solely for nonpayment of rent.


Cracks begin to show in multifamily lending


Delinquencies have been ticking up since the start of the coronavirus pandemic and Capital One is warning of more pain unless the government provides additional relief to tenants and landlords.


Pandemic pushes FHFA to keep Fannie and Freddie 2021 goals static


The Federal Housing Finance Agency will extend the same GSE benchmarks of the past three years into 2021.


Is capital haul too much of a good thing for Black-run banks?


The movement encouraging investment in banks run by African American management teams gained huge momentum in recent weeks, but a spat between one of those lenders and an activist investor highlights the potential downside.


‘Rent strikes’ could wreak further havoc on mortgage system


Tenants have threatened to suspend payments during the pandemic to pressure officials into providing rental assistance, but the effects on multifamily loans would compound concerns about servicers' liquidity and, ultimately, lenders' performance.


Why this regional bank is dumping N.Y. multifamily loans


People's United in Connecticut is letting the loans run off its books as it invests in higher-yielding commercial loans.


What will drive bank lending


Population shifts and the explosion of e-commerce will upend commercial real estate lending while heightened demand for clean energy, not to mention pressure from investors, will diminish banks’ enthusiasm for fossil-fuel financing.


New York Community warns about heated competition in multifamily lending


Shares in the lender fell after it reported lower third-quarter profits, said nonperforming assets rose and cautioned that it had lost multifamily loan deals to competitors offering easier terms.


Multifamily loan concentration is no weakness, this bank says


Malaga Financial has no intention of diversifying its portfolio despite heavier competition and potential funding challenges.