Why this regional bank is dumping N.Y. multifamily loans


People's United in Connecticut is letting the loans run off its books as it invests in higher-yielding commercial loans.


What will drive bank lending


Population shifts and the explosion of e-commerce will upend commercial real estate lending while heightened demand for clean energy, not to mention pressure from investors, will diminish banks’ enthusiasm for fossil-fuel financing.


New York Community warns about heated competition in multifamily lending


Shares in the lender fell after it reported lower third-quarter profits, said nonperforming assets rose and cautioned that it had lost multifamily loan deals to competitors offering easier terms.


Multifamily loan concentration is no weakness, this bank says


Malaga Financial has no intention of diversifying its portfolio despite heavier competition and potential funding challenges.


FHFA boosts multifamily lending caps for Fannie and Freddie


The Federal Housing Finance Agency is revising the multifamily loan purchase caps for the mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to increase affordable housing.


Anticipating recession, banks start scrubbing loan books


It’s hard to time the next economic slowdown. But lenders, many with lingering memories of the financial crisis, are taking steps now to limit exposure in commercial real estate, construction and other loan segments.


Will New York's new rental laws suppress multifamily lending?


Bankers are downplaying such concerns, but others say a sharp decline in values on rent-regulated buildings means landlords will have less cash flow to acquire new properties


The Bancorp's risky CRE pivot


The Delaware company, best known for issuing prepaid cards, has ramped up commercial real estate securitizations. The shift promises to deliver big fees, but it could also cause headaches if defaults spike.


With hiring spree, Signature aims to accelerate commercial lending


The New York bank has recruited a dozen commercial lenders from PacWest, Wells Fargo and other rivals, continuing its shift away from its historic reliance on multifamily lending.


Congress dangles tax credits to boost supply of affordable housing


The bipartisan proposal aims to renew banks' interest in low-income housing tax credits and bring more lower-priced homes to markets that badly need them.