Mortgage fraud

Lenders shouldn't waver on monitoring early payment defaults


The key word is "temporary" with the FHA's quality control waiver expiring and not likely to be renewed.


Indicted ex-banker says warrant to search iPhone was tainted


Stephen Calk, who faces a bribery charge in connection with loans his bank made to former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort, is asking a judge to suppress evidence that prosecutors obtained from his mobile phone.


HUD, Justice Dept. aim to ease lenders' False Claims Act burden


The government has used the law to bring fraud claims against Federal Housing Administration lenders, but the new steps respond to criticism that minor offenders were also getting punished.


FHA revises proposed mortgage lender certification


The Federal Housing Administration updated its lender certification proposal originally issued this past May, as it looks to ease industry concerns on False Claims Act enforcement.


Manafort pleads not guilty to New York mortgage fraud charges


Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort pleaded not guilty in a New York mortgage fraud case — state charges that are beyond the reach of a presidential pardon.


Jail time for Calk? Manafort banker's bribery case could turn on intent


The anti-bribery law that Stephen Calk is accused of breaking carries stiff penalties — up to 30 years in prison — but violations can be relatively hard to prove because prosecutors must establish the defendant had a corrupt state of mind.


Indictment of Manafort's banker reveals new details of loan scheme


Most notably, the charges indicate that Stephen Calk lied to banking regulators about what he knew when he approved loans to Paul Manafort, as well as about his interest in landing a job in the Trump administration. He faces one count of financial institution bribery.


Manafort banker charged with bribery in seeking Trump post


The charge against Chicago banker Stephen Calk grew out of Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.


Manafort, Cohen cases highlight banks' vulnerability to fraud


Time and again, two former associates of President Trump deceived banks in connection with loan applications. Their wealth, proximity to power and willingness to tell big lies all appear to have helped them get away with brazen schemes.


Bank that lent Manafort millions makes claim on his pricey real estate


The Federal Savings Bank is trying to persuade a judge to look beyond its CEO's alleged complicity in a fraud perpetrated by President Trump's former campaign chair.