Mortgage Bankers Association

GSE reform done right ensures a level playing field for all


From the largest banks to the smallest independents, policymakers want to hear the mortgage industry speak with one voice in the critical efforts to reform the government-sponsored enterprises.


Four issues that could trip up Senate housing finance bill


Both parties appear interested in a deal on housing finance reform, but tough fights are ahead.


First-time homebuyer market making comeback


For the first time in a decade, new owner households created in the first quarter were higher than the creation of renter households.


Tariff on Canadian lumber adds to housing woes


A new tariff on Canadian lumber threatens to further disrupt homebuilding at a time when lenders are increasingly concerned about a purchase mortgage resurgence that has failed to materialize.


Lawmakers push for tougher disclosures on energy loans


Lawmakers from both political parties are increasingly interested in forcing lenders that offer loans to upgrade home heating and cooling systems to issue better disclosures, a prospect that has some in the industry nervous.


Can MBA jump-start housing finance reform?


The Mortgage Bankers Association is trying to jump-start discussions around housing finance reform even as political dysfunction on Capitol Hill is reaching new lows.


There is plenty for banks to worry about in 2017


Any economic environment, including this one, has risks but it is unclear whether banks are sufficiently worried about what lies ahead.