monetary policy

Powell’s Fed shifts to more relaxed approach to fight inflation


Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell announced a new approach to monetary policy Thursday that takes a more relaxed stance on inflation and on its view of how low U.S. unemployment can go.


Democrats' bill would require Fed to focus on income, racial inequality


The Federal Reserve Racial and Economic Equity Act would direct the Fed to consider racial inequality in employment, income and access to affordable credit when making monetary policy and in its regulation and supervision of banks.


Collins is second Republican to oppose Shelton for the Fed


Two more Republican no votes will sink the nomination, if Democrats remain steadfast on their opposition.


Romney says he will oppose Shelton’s Fed confirmation


Republican Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah said he will vote against Judy Shelton, one of two Trump administration nominees to the Federal Reserve’s Board of Governors.


Fed board nominees move one step closer to Senate approval


Judy Shelton, President Trump’s contentious pick for an open seat, cleared a key hurdle by winning the approval of a majority on the Senate Banking Committee.


Senate Banking Committee to consider controversial Fed board pick


The panel later this month will vote on the nomination of Judy Shelton, whose views on certain policy issues have met with skepticism from both Democrats and Republicans.


Rosengren's Main Street pitch to banks: Get in it for long haul


Participation in the Main Street Lending Program for midsize companies is partly about public service, but the core business rationale is building "a banking relationship that continues on for some time," the Boston Fed chief says.


Bad times for debt collectors; Main Street Lending Program draws boos


Loan forbearances are wreaking havoc with firms that normally clean up during recessions; the Fed’s latest rescue plan is off to a rocky start as few banks show interest in making the loans.


The calm before the storm of bankruptcies


Lawmakers shouldn't let themselves be misled by a slower pace in personal bankruptcy filings so far this year.


Delay of Fed’s Main Street program hasn't hurt businesses, Powell says


The central bank is only now nearing the launch of the credit facilities after the effort was announced in April. But Chairman Jerome Powell said loans have been available through other means.