monetary policy

GOP senator says he will back Shelton for Fed board


Sen. Pat Toomey, R-Pa., had been among a handful of Republicans on the fence about Judy Shelton's nomination, but he said she quelled his concerns about her monetary policy views.


Trump nominee for Fed seat gets cold shoulder from senators


Both Democrats and Republicans aired concerns about controversial statements made by Judy Shelton on monetary policy, deposit insurance and other issues, raising doubts about her confirmation.


Staley probed for ties to disgraced financier; Fed picks face Senate panel


Authorities looking into Barclays CEO’s dealings with Jeffrey Epstein; controversial pick Judy Shelton, critics charge, would jeopardize Fed independence.


Moynihan’s pay holds steady; cryptocurrency scams flourish


The BofA CEO’s $26.5 million salary was about the same as in 2018; investors hoping for quick riches still fall for cryptocurrency-based Ponzi schemes.


Warren asks Fed nominee to clarify policy stances


The Massachusetts senator took aim at certain views expressed by Judy Shelton, a Trump administration pick to sit on the Federal Reserve Board, that have sparked controversy.


Goldman’s investor day disappoints; Fed on hold


The bank raised its return-on-equity goals, based mostly on cost cuts and its core trading business; the Fed did raise the rate it pays on bank reserves.


U.K. overdraft plans draw scrutiny; Deutsche to delay pay raises


The country’s banks plan to raise overdraft rates to 40%, which has regulator watching; starting this year pay increases won’t be retroactive to Jan. 1.


ECB opens to large bank mergers; Deutsche Bank has a new scandal


The move by the European bank regulator is a policy shift as profitability at the region's banks continues to suffer from negative rates; the German bank paid $1.1 million to win business from a senior Saudi royal.


Central banks team up to study case for digital currencies


The body will include the Bank of England, Bank of Canada, the Bank of Japan and the European Central Bank, but not the Federal Reserve or the People's Bank of China.


Trump plans to nominate Shelton, Waller to Fed board


The president tapped the pair in July for the two remaining vacancies, but the formal announcement of his intention to nominate them didn’t come until this week.