Mike Crapo

Pressure grows on administration to fill Fed, FDIC seats


Senate leaders say they're ready to consider appointees to fill vacancies at the two regulatory agencies, if only the White House would send over their names.


GAO finds Obama-era Fed guidance should have been issued as rules


The Government Accountability Office determined that three Obama-era letters from the central bank related to large-bank supervision should have been submitted for congressional review.


Vaping deaths could slow pot banking momentum


The Senate Banking Committee chairman said he wants to revise legislation enabling banks to serve marijuana businesses to ensure it does not benefit vaping providers that have sparked safety concerns.


Senate pot banking bill may add weapon to fight money launderers


As Banking Committee Chairman Mike Crapo works on legislation enabling banks to serve cannabis businesses, one area of focus is combating risks tied to “legacy cash” that has accumulated in the marijuana industry.


Impeachment fight derailing banking bills? Think again


Democrats’ investigation of President Trump has darkened the horizon for legislative activity in Washington, but prospects for a pair of bipartisan measures backed by the industry are surprisingly bright.


House passes cannabis banking bill, but Senate battle looms


The legislation included changes designed to attract more Republican support, which is key to the measure ultimately becoming law.


GOP senators skeptical of Fed's faster payments network


One Republican lawmaker went so far as to suggest that Congress should try to block the central bank's effort, but Democrats said FedNow will promote competition in real-time payments.


Hemp protections added to House pot banking bill


Protections for industrial hemp were added to a cannabis banking bill that is expected to get a full House vote next week.


How serious is Crapo about getting pot banking bill across finish line?


The Banking Committee chairman's comments have advanced legislative efforts, but questions remain about where he'll take the issue.


Why Senate Republicans are sitting out pot banking fight


The 2020 election is shaping up to be a key yardstick for legislation expanding cannabis firms’ financial services access.