Mick Mulvaney

CFPB bans group of payday firms from lending in U.S.


The CFPB banned online payday lender NDG Financial, three corporate officers and nearly a dozen affiliated companies from lending to consumers in the U.S.


Why the CFPB is watering down its payday lending rule


The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau won't require payday lenders to assess borrowers’ ability to repay. American Banker reporter Kate Berry explains why.


CFPB's Kraninger announces changes to key management posts


The hiring of a former GOP congressional aide suggests the bureau will continue to rely on political appointees in senior positions.


CFPB's Kraninger asks for 'clear authority' over military lending exams


The director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has asked Congress to clarify its ability to conduct exams that ensure compliance with the Military Lending Act.


Warren probes ethics officials over Mulvaney's job discussions


Sen. Elizabeth Warren is asking whether acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney's reported talks to be president of the University of South Carolina violated the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act.


'What will the next idiocy be?': Comments of the year


Readers this year responded to Mick Mulvaney's leadership at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the banking industry's role in the national gun debate, Rep. Maxine Water's upcoming leadership of the Financial Services Committee, the influence of tech companies like Facebook and Amazon on financial services and much more.


CFPB once again enters new year with direction TBD


The biggest question is whether new CFPB Director Kathy Kraninger will deviate from the pro-industry policies of her predecessor, or bring continuity.


Waters warns Mulvaney he may be called to testify on CFPB tenure


The expected incoming chair of the House Financial Services Committee told the former acting CFPB chief that he will still be the target of congressional inquiry despite no longer leading the agency.


How should Kraninger run CFPB? Warren has some ideas


The Massachusetts senator and critic of Trump administration policies sent the new CFPB director an expansive list of to-do items for her first month on the job.


Kraninger’s move to ditch CFPB name change is a savvy one


Kathy Kraninger's unexpected decision is small, but symbolically important. Here's why.