Big banks face renewed pressure on gender pay gap


An investment firm that has been pressuring large companies to enhance disclosures said that its efforts at JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America and Bank of New York Mellon are gaining ground.


Mastercard discloses pay gap: Women make 92.2% of men's salary


Mastercard disclosed its gender pay gap for the first time on Monday, saying that its female employees worldwide make 7.8% less than the men. The company said it is working toward parity.


Dimon ‘open-minded’ on deals; CFPB would permit ‘zombie’ debt collection


JPMorgan would consider buying other businesses; collectors would be allowed to pursue debt past the statute of limitations, if they warn borrowers.


Changes at Mastercard; JPM gets on climate change bandwagon


Payments firm announces leadership changes; the bank will place restrictions on fossil fuel lending while adding to sustainable projects.


Visa planning biggest changes to swipe fees in a decade


Higher rates are looming for transactions on e-commerce sites, while merchants in certain services categories, such as real estate and education, will see fees decline, according to a document Visa sent to banks.


Goldman’s investor day disappoints; Fed on hold


The bank raised its return-on-equity goals, based mostly on cost cuts and its core trading business; the Fed did raise the rate it pays on bank reserves.


New York City moves to ban cashless stores


The city would join San Francisco and Philadelphia among cities that prohibit stores and restaurants from only accepting electronic payments.


Visa’s Plaid deal shows you can teach an old dog new tricks


The acquisition will vastly expand Visa's platform, giving it nearly Amazon-like influence.


Visa to buy plaid for $5.3 billion in bid to reach startups


The purchase price is double the fintech's valuation in a 2018 funding round.


Once banned, credit card surcharges gain momentum


Though many merchants remain wary of alienating their customers with fees, others now see an opportunity to recoup the growing costs associated with accepting plastic.