Why Visa and Mastercard are suddenly keen on installment lending


The card networks, along with PayPal and Citi, are responding to competition from the likes of Affirm, Afterpay and other "buy now, pay later" lenders. Should traditional credit card lenders be worried?


Chase launches its first Mastercard-branded consumer credit card in 5 years


Visa and JPMorgan Chase & Co. are in the middle of a 10-year merchant services agreement that gives Chase merchants certain advantages with the expected goal of favoring Visa card volume. But it’s not an exclusive arrangement.


Ally expanding into retail point-of-sale lending


The company will offer retail installment loans up to $40,000 through a partnership with Mastercard's Vyze unit.


What Mastercard's crypto plans signal for the future of digital payments


Major payment companies have long looked on at cryptocurrencies as too risky to touch, but too tempting to ignore. Mastercard's latest move indicates that the card brands are ready to make a firm pitch for crypto spending.


Spike in disputed payments causing headaches for card industry


Chargeback requests have surged since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, as airlines have canceled flights, performers have postponed concerts and supply chain disruptions have delayed the delivery of many goods.


What happens if Mastercard and Visa gobble up all the data aggregators?


Thanks to their close relationship with the card networks, banks stand to benefit most from deals like Mastercard’s agreement to buy Finicity and Visa’s pending purchase of Plaid. The prospects for fintechs and consumers are dicier.


Mastercard to buy Finicity to improve open banking services


Mastercard has agreed to acquire Finicity for a reported price of $825 million, a move the card brand says will strengthen its open banking platform and expand financial services through more real-time access to data.


Mom-and-pop shops left holding bag in consumer card disputes


Payments processors are keeping a portion of payments as a reserve against potential disputes between cardholders and merchants. Small-business owners say the practice is eating into their profits.


Big banks face renewed pressure on gender pay gap


An investment firm that has been pressuring large companies to enhance disclosures said that its efforts at JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America and Bank of New York Mellon are gaining ground.


Mastercard discloses pay gap: Women make 92.2% of men's salary


Mastercard disclosed its gender pay gap for the first time on Monday, saying that its female employees worldwide make 7.8% less than the men. The company said it is working toward parity.