Main Street Lending Program

Bankers skeptical Fed’s Main Street program will pick up steam


Loan officers surveyed by the central bank said the subpar creditworthiness of some applicants and the ability of others to find credit elsewhere are among reasons the middle-market rescue facility has fizzled.


CRE concerns intensify as stimulus programs expire


Commercial real estate loans are vulnerable as financial assistance for tenants winds down and might not be fully renewed. Late rent payments could rise, leading lenders to press landlords to pay up.


Powell grilled by Congress over how Fed is helping Main Street


The Fed chief said that with its Main Street Lending Program, the central bank has “done basically all of the things that we can think of.”


Lawmakers urge Fed, Treasury to let CRE borrowers tap Main Street loans


Commercial real estate companies are among those left out of the Federal Reserve’s middle-market relief program, but House members said they need government-backed financing to navigate the pandemic as much as anyone.


Fed, Treasury clarify underwriting rules for Main Street loans


The Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department released a set of FAQ's aimed to clearing up misconceptions about the Main Street Lending program and encouraging more bank participation.


Fed weighs changes to Main Street program to allay banks' concerns


With only a fraction of the funds allocated being used, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said the central bank is considering tweaks to the middle-market rescue program in an appeal to lenders wary of taking on added risk.


As Fed helps businesses, Democrats ask: What about consumers?


The Senate Banking Committee met Wednesday to review central bank lending facilities such as the Main Street Lending Program, which provides bank-issued loans to middle-market firms. But some lawmakers on the panel said the focus of pandemic relief has been misplaced.


Most loans in Fed's Main Street program exceed $1 million


Only one of the 118 loans bought by the Federal Reserve through Aug. 31 was close to the $250,000 minimum in the rescue program, aimed small to midsize businesses hurt by the pandemic.


Small banks are dominating the Fed's Main Street Lending Program


With big banks largely shunning the program, small banks see an opening to grab more market share in commercial lending.


Demand for Fed's Main Street loan program is growing, Rosengren says


The head of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston said the central bank had acquired stakes in 32 business loans as of Monday, four times the amount from two weeks earlier.