Living wills

Banks push for greater relief on foreign bank regs, living wills


The industry is urging federal regulators to go further in streamlining oversight of foreign banks and resolution-planning requirements. Critics warn that the proposals could weaken post-crisis safeguards.


FDIC to consolidate supervision and resolution activities for large banks


The FDIC's new complex institution supervision and resolution division will be operational July 21.


House Dems: Fed should 'enact protections' instead of deregulating


Over a dozen progressive lawmakers urged the central bank to reverse its course and protect bank regulations enacted after the financial crisis.


Reg relief on living wills is a 'negative' for megabanks, Fitch says


Fitch Ratings issued a negative warning for global banks after federal regulators proposed some relief from resolution plan requirements.


The Fed’s Lael Brainard stands alone


As the central bank board proceeds with reforms easing the post-crisis regulatory regime, the Obama-appointed governor has not shied from opposing the agency’s course.


FDIC board backs reg relief proposals for foreign banks, living wills


Following the Federal Reserve Board, the FDIC signed off on proposed measures to ease resolution planning requirements and tailor supervisory standards for foreign banking companies operating in the U.S.


Will reg relief plan bring back failure-related risks?


Despite consensus that regulators should ease so-called “living will” requirements by some degree, critics charge that a proposal by the Fed and FDIC could undo gains in making large banks easier to resolve.


SEC chief warns on leveraged loans; Wells’ woes continue


Clayton is the latest to raise concerns about bank loans to highly indebted companies; Wells Fargo’s performance took a hit with its reputation.


Fed opens reg relief tent to foreign banks


The Federal Reserve Board unveiled a host of proposed changes to tailor U.S. supervision of foreign firms, as well as a proposal easing “living will” requirements for both domestic and overseas banks.


Fed to weigh changes to resolution plans, foreign bank requirements


The central bank will hold an open meeting April 8 to consider revisions to "living will" standards and the tailoring of rules for overseas banks.