Fed again moves to calm markets; Dimon out of hospital


The central bank will inject $1.5 trillion into the money market, including buying more longer-term bonds; JPMorgan says its CEO “is doing very well” as he recovers from heart surgery.


Wells pays another fine; bank stocks keep falling


The bank agreed to pay $35 million to settle SEC charges it recommended high-risk ETFs to some customers; coronavirus fears continue to batter financial shares.


Small banks tell Fed its Libor replacement doesn't work for them


Officials from 10 midsize American banks said U.S. regulators' preferred index for replacing the maligned Libor benchmark is ill-suited for them.


Addressing the coronavirus; Wells workers to testify


Wall Street banks make plans to keep workers in Tokyo safe; the employees are bringing their grievances against the bank to Capitol Hill.


Fed’s Powell open to more than one Libor alternative


Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell told senators that the central bank is willing to explore a credit-sensitive interest benchmark in addition to the secured overnight financing rate, which some banks say could cause problems during economic stress.


Morgan Stanley’s profit; China deal raises optimism for U.S. banks


Morgan Stanley’s profits rose 46%; the deal pressures China to open its financial services sector to U.S. firms.


Is a good year a bad sign for banks?; Checking for post-Libor plans


Some analysts warn the loosening of bank regulations may be hiding risks; watchdogs are demanding proof that financial institutions are ready for 2021.


Why the C&I slowdown is likely to persist in 2020


Political uncertainty, sector-specific concerns as well as interest rate and labor trends may continue to depress commercial and industrial lending in the coming months.


‘It’s game time’: Libor transition to pick up steam in new year


Regulators' oversight of the industry's switch to a new interest rate benchmark is expected to intensify as a key deadline approaches.


Why this bank is ditching Libor now


Lenders have until the end of 2021 to phase out their use of the London Interbank Offered Rate in setting interest rates, but ServisFirst Bancshares and its CEO Tom Broughton see little reason to wait when a replacement is already available.