Lending Club

Santander Group invests $40M in consumer lender Upgrade


Other challenger banks focused on personal loans have struggled since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.


Battered by coronavirus crisis, online lenders face reckoning


The upstarts enjoyed rapid growth during the long economic expansion. Now they are on the ropes.


LendingClub reinforces its cyber defenses


The online lender has deployed new software designed to spot security risks early, especially the kind of cloud-data issues that led to the Capital One-Amazon breach.


Prepping for PPP 2.0, new bankers’ hours, rethinking branch design: Top stories of the week


Lenders are set to flood the SBA with new PPP applications; long nights and weekends the new normal; Fifth Third rethinks new-branch designs in light of coronavirus; and more from this week's most-read stories.


LendingClub laying off 460 staffers, including president


The online lender, reeling from the economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic, also said it is cutting senior executives' salaries by 25%.


Online lenders seek to balance the needs of borrowers, investors


While LendingClub, Prosper, Avant and SoFi are giving existing borrowers breaks in the short term, they're considering tightening credit as the coronavirus outbreak threatens to drag the economy into a recession.


What LendingClub and Radius saw in each other


The heads of the two companies explain how the deal came about, what hurdles they face and how they plan to mash up their very different operations.


Simpler is better for fintechs breaking into banking


LendingClub and Varo Money are making inroads into the traditional financial system, but other fintechs still face long odds.


LendingClub to acquire Radius Bancorp for $185 million


The online lender's deal for Boston-based Radius would be the first in history in which a fintech buys a mainstream bank.


Fintech lenders tighten standards, become more like banks


Easy credit has given way to cautiousness, with financial technology upstarts now seeking households with higher incomes, above-average credit scores and less debt relative to their wages.