Judge Marvin Isgur

The Valuation Paradox


In the program Who Killed the Company? Tips and Trends in Claims and Defenses, Judge Marvin Isgur and his fellow panelists confronted issues such as in pari delicto, insurance coverage and waiver of fiduciary duties. However, one discussion led by Judge Isgur focused on whether solvency should be determined based on what was known at the time of the valuation or what was known at a later date. The discussion highlighted that valuation can be a moving target based on what is known at a given point in time. 


Southern District of Texas Conducts Spring Cleaning of Noticing


Every day bankruptcy clerks sent out millions of required notifications to creditors and parties in interest. Creditors can bypass the paper notification by designating an email address for service pursuant to Fed.R.Bankr.P. 9036.


Two Important Rulings on Payment of Indenture Trustee Fees in Chapter 11 Cases


Two recent judicial decisions, Sanchez Energy and Tribune Media, highlight the challenges faced by indenture trustees and their professionals in chapter 11 cases where there are no recoveries to noteholders. 


Self-Insured Retention Poses Problem for Discrimination Plaintiff


 The intersection between bankruptcy and personal injury tort claims can be a difficult one, as shown by a new opinion from Judge Marvin Isgur in Case No. 20-33900, In re Tailored Brands, Inc. (Bankr. S.D. Tex. 5/20/21). The opinion can be found here.


Pre-Packaged Plan Clears Confirmation in Fifteen Days

Shakespeare bemoaned "the law's delay."   Dickens brought us Jarndyce v. Jarndyce, a case spanning generations.   However, a new Chapter 11 case  filed in Corpus Christi demonstrated the opposite of delay, blazing from petition to confirmation in just fifteen days.    Case No. 16-20111, In re Southcross Holdings, LP (Bankr. S.D. Tex.

Stern v. Marshall: The Texas Cases


This is a paper that I did for the Austin Bar Association summarizing the Texas cases applying Stern v. Marshall to date.   Please note that where the holding is indented, I am directly quoting the opinion.   I also used the following key for highlighting certain decisions: