JPMorgan Chase

Money laundering battle drives Japan banks to JPMorgan’s network


JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s blockchain-based information network for payments is drawing the greatest interest in Japan, a country long blamed for weak measures against money laundering.


Repo blowup was fueled by big banks and hedge funds, BIS Says


The market was upended because the largest banks hold more liquid assets in Treasuries than at the Fed, limiting their ability to supply repo funding on short notice, according to a new analysis from the Bank for International Settlements.


A 'false narrative'? Banks strike back against claims of fintech advantage


Bankers are disputing upstarts' claims customers don't like them, noting progress that traditional institutions have made in recent years.


Threat of negative rates has banks setting floors on loans


Many lenders are establishing a firm bottom on variable interest rates amid intense competition for commercial credits, rising deposit costs and the possibility that the Fed could take rates to unprecedented lows.


FDIC plan would make it easier for banks to hire ex-cons


The proposal would allow applicants with minor criminal records to work in the banking industry.


Big banks want to make it easier to share consumer data with startups


The Clearing House is pushing contract terms that would give fintechs quicker access to consumers' financial information, but one large upstart has taken issue with the proposal's language.


Neobanks pose latest threat to prepaid card issuer Green Dot


Earlier this decade, a boom in low-cost prepaid cards undercut the firm's business model. Now the fiercest competition is coming from venture capital-backed startups that offer accounts with no overdraft fees.


JPMorgan has a plan to help Amazon and Airbnb look more like banks


An e-wallet in development would give tech companies the ability to provide millions of customers virtual bank accounts and to offer perks such as car loans or discounts on home rentals to those who keep money stashed there.


After taking a body blow from Sapphire, Amex is reaping the benefits


While American Express initially lost customers after JPMorgan Chase introduced the popular Sapphire Reserve premium card in 2016, the firm said it's seen a 60% increase in growth in Platinum accounts.


Regulators want Sewing to give up a title; Changes to JPM balance sheet


The ECB and BaFin say dual roles “could undermine” bank's restructuring efforts; JPM shifts cash into long-term bonds because of capital rules.