Joe Biden

A Biden win could boost long-stalled efforts to help the unbanked


The Democratic nominee has not gone as far as some progressives in support of financial inclusion, but ideas such as postal banking, a government-run credit reporting system and universal bank accounts would likely gain traction under a Biden administration.


Dimon says he’s hopeful Biden would fix some of America’s issues


Jamie Dimon, the chief executive of JPMorgan Chase, said he’s optimistic a Biden presidency could solve problems including health care and economic inequality without damaging businesses.


Election 2020: Biden tax plan could dent banks' bottom lines


The industry says the 2017 cut in the corporate rate helped position lenders to support the economy when the pandemic hit. But a plan proposed by Democratic nominee Joe Biden could strain banks’ capital investment and hiring, observers say.


Bankers give Election 2020 edge to Trump


New research reveals the financial services industry both prefers and predicts an incumbent win in November.


Warren presses Powell on race gaps in possible Biden-era preview


During a Senate Banking Committee hearing, the Massachusetts Democrat asked Powell what the Fed is doing to reduce inequality along economic lines in the U.S.


Fed’s Brainard seen at top of Biden’s Treasury secretary list


Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s search for a Treasury secretary is widely seen as focusing on Brainard, a choice that would keep both Wall Street and progressives in line.


GSE, fair-lending policies could look radically different if Biden wins


If Trump is reelected, his administration would likely move forward with privatizing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and relaxing key rules, while a Joe Biden presidency would likely try to expand homeownership access and borrower protections.


Would McWilliams stay on at FDIC if Biden wins?


Jelena McWilliams's term as FDIC chair expires in 2023, and she cannot be removed by an incoming president. But if Joe Biden prevails, he may ask her to stay — and if she does, governing a Democratic-majority board would be a very different proposition.


Big choices about who will lead financial regulators after 2020 election


Whoever wins the White House in November may have immediate agency openings to fill, while a key decision looms about who will run the Federal Reserve after Jerome Powell’s term expires in 2022.


Biden urges Fed to take steps to close racial economic gaps


The Democratic presidential nominee's plan would require the Federal Reserve to report the actions it is taking through its monetary and regulatory policies to address disparities in income between racial groups.