Jennifer Piepszak

JPMorgan eyes plan to tap Fed's discount window to break stigma


Jennifer Piepszak, JPMorgan's chief financial officer, said the largest U.S. bank planned to borrow funds through the Federal Reserve's emergency lending facility in an exercise designed to break the stigma attached to that program.


Banks’ record-breaking earnings streak has probably peaked


Estimates for 2020 are for a combined profit drop of $10 billion as global interest rates remain stubbornly low and geopolitical tensions stay high.


Why big banks keep raking in deposits


They’ve long used their marketing muscle to wrest deposit share from smaller competitors. Now, amid growing concerns that the economy is weakening, they could be benefiting from consumers’ flight to safety.


JPMorgan won’t let revenue risks curtail expansion plan


The likelihood of Fed rate cuts is causing banks to plan for less net interest income, but it would be a mistake for JPMorgan to back off its move into new markets and tech investments, Jamie Dimon says.


Wells Fargo ‘irresponsible’: Dimon blasts rival on lack of CEO plan


The JPMorgan chief executive said he couldn't understand why Wells Fargo could have CEO Tim Sloan step down without a successor ready to go.


JPMorgan Chase to offer online loans to credit card customers


The foray into digital consumer lending follows a similar move by rival Citigroup.