Jelena McWilliams

FDIC's McWilliams vows to finish her term


The head of the agency told a congressional panel that the agency is taking steps to prepare for the incoming Biden administration and that she plans to serve until her tenure ends in 2023.


Industry wins key concession in liquidity rule


Regulators said they will allow banks to deduct Treasury securities — a source of market volatility in the pandemic — from the net stable funding ratio on the same day they provided relief from auditing requirements.


FDIC holds line on bank fees despite sharp deposit growth


The agency’s insurance fund dipped below its statutory minimum last quarter thanks to the rapid rise in deposits, but officials say it should bounce back without a hike in premiums.


FDIC to discuss fund restoration plan next week


A pandemic-driven surge in bank deposits helped drive the agency's insurance reserves below their statutory minimum.


Rakuten withdrawal a relief for banks, but ILC saga's far from over


The e-commerce leader’s return to the drawing board alleviates immediate concerns about its banking plans. But the company intends to reapply, and it will be harder for the industry to persuade policymakers to block industrial loan companies more broadly.


Rakuten again withdraws application for bank charter


The Japanese conglomerate first applied for deposit insurance in July 2019 and again in May 2020.


Would McWilliams stay on at FDIC if Biden wins?


Jelena McWilliams's term as FDIC chair expires in 2023, and she cannot be removed by an incoming president. But if Joe Biden prevails, he may ask her to stay — and if she does, governing a Democratic-majority board would be a very different proposition.


FDIC finalizes rule to ease bank restrictions on hiring ex-cons


The regulation allows banks to add employees with past convictions for trivial crimes after the industry complained the prior rules were too severe.


FDIC floats certification program for fintechs working with banks


The agency's request for information seeks comment on the idea of the FDIC partnering with a standards-setting organization to develop best practices for technology firms, among other things.


Are lawmakers inviting ‘hot money’ boom with brokered deposit bill?


Backers say a bill to limit asset growth instead of restricting brokered funds addresses concerns about expanding balance sheets at troubled banks. But skeptics worry it would open the door to greater risk.