Jelena McWilliams

FDIC chair dismisses threat of a Democratic power grab


Jelena McWilliams, a Trump appointee, pushed back Wednesday on reports that an incoming Democratic majority may be able to enact policy at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. without her support. "The chairman really controls the board agenda," she said.



FDIC chair hopes regulators will 'come together' on CRA reform: Report


The comments by Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Chair Jelena McWilliams published in Politico reinforce optimism that the banking agencies could settle years of disagreement about modernizing the Community Reinvestment Act.


How Democrats could gain control of FDIC’s agenda


Trump appointee Jelena McWilliams is slated to be the agency's chair until mid-2023. But legal experts say a provision in the FDIC’s bylaws gives Democratic members of the governing board, now in the majority, an opening to reverse earlier rules championed by Republicans.


Fed's exam ratings system needs upgrade, Quarles says


The central bank is exploring how to improve the consistency and transparency of safety and soundness scores used to grade banks and their holding companies, the agency’s vice chairman of supervision said.


FDIC's McWilliams vows to finish her term


The head of the agency told a congressional panel that the agency is taking steps to prepare for the incoming Biden administration and that she plans to serve until her tenure ends in 2023.