Jelena McWilliams

OCC’s Otting on CRA timeline, Camels and fintech legal battles


The three federal bank regulators usually try to issue rules jointly, but Comptroller of the Currency Joseph Otting on Tuesday pointed to areas where the agencies may move on separate paths.


Banks want a Camels overhaul, but chiming in is risky


Many in the industry have cheered regulators’ interest in improving the supervisory rating system, but they may shy from commenting publicly about their experiences in a confidential process.


Rate cap relief from FDIC doesn't go far enough, banks say


A proposal to revise how the agency calculates the restrictions for less than well-capitalized banks relies on faulty methodology and ignores competition from fintechs and credit unions, according to the industry.


The fight against financial crime has just begun


Regulators globally are using "tech sprints" to test new anti-money-laundering solutions. More can be done, but it's a good start.


Regulators’ push for innovation shouldn’t come at expense of prudence


It's time to establish a fintech commission.


14 years after Walmart, banks face a new ILC bogeyman


The Rakuten application has opened another front in the battle over nonfinancial companies' ownership of banks.


FDIC to issue proposal on brokered deposits by yearend, McWilliams says


The chairman acknowledged the timetable is "ambitious."


Fed, FDIC will explore changes to Camels rating system


The two agencies requested comment on the scorecard regulators use to assess a bank's overall health as some question whether ratings are consistently applied.


'Enough of this nonsense': Comments of the week


Readers cast doubts on regulatory attempts to jointly revamp the Community Reinvestment Act, react to Democrats berating the CFPB head, an upcoming House hearing with Facebook's CEO and more.


Joint CRA plan is no sure thing, FDIC's McWilliams says


The three federal bank regulators often say they want to work together to reform the Community Reinvestment Act. But once again, a senior official has raised the possibility the agencies will move separately.