JD Power

Cardholder confusion could force issuers to simplify rewards


A J.D. Power official says supplemental benefits — many centered on travel cards — need to be pared down. His comments followed the company’s release of survey data that showed these hard-to-understand benefits were a drag on customer satisfaction.


Banks fall short in providing financial advice consumers want: Survey


One problem is that banks are shifting to online and mobile channels for delivering advice, which is inferior to in-person communications, according to a recent survey conducted by J.D. Power.


Digital mortgages advancing, but borrowers still want more speed


Despite digital mortgage advances, borrowers think it still takes too long to get a loan, J.D. Power finds in its annual customer satisfaction ranking of originators.


Human touch, shmuman touch: Consumers love direct banks


Consumers are giving branchless banks far higher satisfaction ratings than traditional banks because of higher rates, fewer fees and better functionality, a J.D. Power study finds.


Customer confusion about what banks are selling is … really confusing


J.D. Power was so puzzled upon surveying customer attitudes about bank sales practices after the Wells Fargo debacle that it delayed its report and re-interviewed respondents. Here was the (sort of) explanation.