J. Mark McWatters

Senate banking panel postpones hearing on reg relief implementation


The Senate Banking Committee said it is postponing a hearing on the implementation of regulatory relief for "logistical reasons."


CFPB leadership decision, fintech's future: Five events to watch next week


From a major CFPB deadline to a long-anticipated fintech report, there's a lot to watch for in the days to come.


McWatters' CFPB bid hasn't even been announced. Is it already in trouble?


A recent Washington Post investigation revealed that J. Mark McWatters runs the National Credit Union Administration from his home in Dallas, raising questions about his being tapped to head the consumer agency.


White House looks to extend Mulvaney's CFPB tenure


The administration is prolonging a decision on a permanent director for the agency to keep the interim chief in place until year-end or longer.


Credit union execs endorse CFPB changes in Trump meeting


Credit union executives talked up a pending regulatory relief effort while endorsing a radical shift in direction by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau during a meeting with President Trump and other top White House officials on Monday.


NCUA chief urges credit unions to find common ground with banks


National Credit Union Administration Chairman J. Mark McWatters made an appeal to credit union executives to work with small community banks when it comes to advocating for shared goals.


State bank trades cheer Hatch review of credit union tax status


Fifty-two state bank trade associations sent a letter to Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, encouraging him to continue his review of the credit union tax exemption.


Is Trump team moving to political middle in CFPB director search?


The candidates being discussed lately to run the agency bring experience on consumer protection issues, and potential bipartisan appeal.


Banks, consumer groups stir up backlash against potential CFPB pick


National Credit Union Administration Chairman Mark McWatters has not even been announced as President Trump's pick to run the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, but his potential nomination already is uniting diverse groups in opposition.


Bankers anxious as Trump mulls credit union regulator for CFPB


In his current position as chair of the National Credit Union Administration, J. Mark McWatters has publicly advocated for cutting back the CFPB’s oversight of the credit union industry.