Investment funds

Citi tries new tack to push its social agenda: Venture investing


Ed Skyler, the bank's global head of public affairs, says a newly established $150 million fund will make equity investments in firms seen as having a positive impact on society.


The $40 billion gift that Wall Street doesn't deserve


Attempts to roll back a safeguard on derivatives would give megabanks a $40 billion windfall, putting taxpayers on the hook.


BofA’s next big push: Expanding its retail brokerage


Only 15% of bank customers at Bank of America use its online investment platform, but the company expects that figure to increase as it opens branches in nine major cities.


A look at UMB's decision to sever ties with its funds business


Mariner Kemper, UMB's chief executive, said he struggled with the decision to sell Scout Investments to Raymond James. Selling made more sense than pumping more capital into the beleaguered business.


Slow growth in wealth management forcing small banks to make tough choices


Some banks are looking to hire advisers or buy firms, while others are looking to get out of the business entirely.